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Have you ever felt the hand of God leading you to step out and do something specific?

Then you'll understand...with your heart...our story of faith.

One of the ministries of the Overland Park Church of Christ is the Deaf Ministry that began in 1977 - over 30 years ago. During that time many volunteer interpreters have helped the congregation share the messages with the Deaf. The ministry has also enjoyed four different evangelists to the Deaf, hosted a national workshop for the Deaf, trained many people in sign language, interpreted children's classes, adult classes and God has called several men to dedicate their lives as Deaf ministers/missionaries.

The ministry has been the most vibrant and exciting when a Deaf evangelist teaches and counsels in American Sign Language (ASL) and is empowered by a natural sensitivity to Deaf culture.

A Deaf evangelist is like a powerful magnet drawing Deaf people to Bible teaching in their own language. The Deaf Community will notice and will come to learn from the leader and other Deaf Christians. Many will become faithful Christians and some will become Christian leaders and ministers in the future, too.

There are Deaf Christians and seekers in Kansas who today cry out with their whole hearts for a Deaf evangelist. Many Deaf live in Olathe (where the Kansas School for the Deaf is located), in metropolitan Kansas City, Hutchinson, and Wichita and across the whole state. We have heard their cries and we have cried with them.

This reality challenged several of us to answer these questions: "If not us, whom? And if not now, when?" The only answer the Lord will let us live with is: "Lord, we know you want us to do something now. Please give us boldness and wisdom to bring Christ to the Deaf in Kansas and the Midwest."

This is our time to "step out in faith to leave a lasting legacy". We have this one window of opportunity to save forgotten souls. Ninety-eight percent of Deaf people are not Christian and have limited opportunities to "hear". It's an urgent mission field. Deaf parents usually have hearing children, which means the Deaf mission field consists of about half Deaf people and half Hearing people - many precious souls.

Together, we must fund a large endowment for this Deaf missionary effort. Our primary mission is to fund grants to Deaf evangelists. A secondary mission will be to fund Deaf retreats, workshops, and more. Technology (once only a dream) now can provide simulcasts to serve Christians and seekers anywhere, especially in our Midwest region. Deaf evangelists could teach by simulcast and periodically travel to minister in person.

Deaf Christian Ministries Foundation of the Midwest has the potential to do great things for the Lord and for the Deaf. With your generous gifts now and your generous gifts in your Last Will and Testament or Trust, the Foundation can make a difference - an eternal difference. All gifts are tax deductible to this 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you want to learn more about how you can help, drop us an email. As you choose to join us in donations and in prayer, we thank you for your stewardship and generosity! May Jesus bless us all and continue to open doors for the Deaf!